The Battle for a Cure Foundation is recognized as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

Greater Austin Programs

Why we offer them.
When a child fights cancer, the entire family fights alongside them. It’s important to us to reach out to the entire family unit. To give each of them a place where they feel loved and celebrated.

What do they achieve?
We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to just be a kid. Cancer takes a lot, and we hope to give the magic of childhood back to these kids. We also believe that parents deserve a date night, and siblings deserve to be celebrated. We use our Programs to reach every member of the family, to give them Hope with a little bit of FUN mixed in.

Golden Adventures

Private parties in Austin, TX for our families where the kids can just be kids!

Battle Basics

Providing gas, groceries and needed items to local families.

Hospital Heroes

Visiting our families in the hospital to help lift their spirits.

Christmas Hope

A large Christmas party for families to connect, kids get to make wishes, parents get to take home gifts, we give away door prizes, and we bring back the spirit of Christmas!

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The Wishing Well

Grant a last wish to our local fighters on hospice care.

Battle Community

We have created an online community where local families can connect and share with one another. This is truly a special and valued resource!

Join the fight with us.

These families could use your support! After filling out the form, one of our staff members will reach out to discuss your interests.

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Here's how you can help.


For our latest news, events and announcements, please visit our Facebook page. We also update our page with photos and stories of the kids we sponsor. For additional information about Events, please click on the Events tab.

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You can contribute many different ways to the Battle for a Cure Foundation. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Gifts to Battle for a Cure are tax deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes and are used as designated whenever possible.

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The CURE Account is a designated source of funds especially set up to raise money for children’s cancer research. You may designate your donation specifically to this account.

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