The Battle for a Cure Foundation is recognized as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help raise awareness of your organization?

Below are a few ideas you can use to raise awareness of our organization or childhood cancer and contribute to our mission to enhance the lives of children with battling cancer and help advance treatments through research for childhood cancer.


  • Give gifts of prayer on behalf of the children we sponsor
  • Non-cash gifts of toys for our hope boxes (see Hope Box page for more info)
  • Organize a fundraiser in your community or classroom
  • Ask your guests to donate in lieu of birthday, graduation, holiday, or wedding gifts
  • Set up a fund or ask friends and family to donate as an honorary donation or tribute for a special someone
  • Email your friends a link to our site so they can learn more about childhood cancer
  • Tweet or post a link to our site via Facebook
  • Add a footer to your emails about childhood cancer or a link to our site
  • Invite others to donate through Facebook, Twitter, email or other social networks
  • Become our partner
  • Gift gifts of stock (please email for more info)
  • Find out if your company will match your donations
  • Remembering Battle for a Cure in your will
How do I sign my child up for the Hope Box Program?

The Hope Box Program is now only available to children who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. If your child has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, you can find the application on our website under the Programs tab; choose the Hope Box Program from the drop down menu. If you cannot print the application, your hospital/clinic can print it for you. When the application is complete, mail it back to the address on the bottom of page 2.

Are all siblings included in the Hope Box Program?

All children under the age of 18 are included in all of our programs.

How does the CURE Account work?

We have set up a savings account that we call the CURE Account specifically for childhood cancer research. The funds will stay in this account until it has enough money to fund the most promising research out there for childhood cancers. This account is never touched; the money that families donate specifically to this fund will always stay in this fund until it is used on research.

Do you do anything special for terminally ill children?

Our Hope Box Program is now dedicated to children who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Aside from that, we do our very best to grant one of the child’s final wishes. Wishes we have granted in the past include a room make over and a pink laptop.

Where does my donation go?

Unless you specifically donated to the CURE Account, your donation will be used for the program that needs funding at the time, whether it is Outreach, the Hope Box Program or the Christmas Program.

Do you know all of the children personally?

We know all of our local children on a personal level. We offer various outreach programs to them, and so we spend a lot of time getting to know them and their families. We try our best to get to know the kids and families from other parts of the US; we email frequently and we’re always here to talk if they need us.

How much of my donation goes to overhead costs?

At this time, our organization has no overhead costs. Our officers give their time on a volunteer basis, and are not paid for their time. We do our best to keep all of our operational costs to a minimum to make sure that the children and families are getting as much help as we can provide.

I would like to send one of the children something; can you give me their address?

Unfortunately, we cannot share any personal information due to privacy paperwork.

Can you share my child’s story on your Facebook page?

We can only share information on children whose parents have signed the release form. The release form can be found on our website under the Programs tab, by choosing Facebook Share Program from the drop down menu. If you cannot print the application, your hospital/clinic can print it for you. When the application is complete, mail it back to the address on the bottom of page 2.

Can I host an event to raise money for your organization?

Absolutely! Please contact with all of the details about the event you are planning.

Do you accept toy donations?

We do accept donations of new, unwrapped toys. We will deliver them to our local children’s hospital for distribution to children who are inpatient on 4North (the oncology floor).

Here's how you can help.


For our latest news, events and announcements, please visit our Facebook page. We also update our page with photos and stories of the kids we sponsor. For additional information about Events, please click on the Events tab.

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You can contribute many different ways to the Battle for a Cure Foundation. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Gifts to Battle for a Cure are tax deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes and are used as designated whenever possible.

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The CURE Account is a designated source of funds especially set up to raise money for children’s cancer research. You may designate your donation specifically to this account.

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